Hearts of Gold!

At Margate we believe in giving back to our Community.



Bowlers 4 Babies visits Murchison

maternity ward every month

and we distribute about 46 baby

packs to the new mothers.


These packs contain baby clothes

and a blanket for the new born to

wear home.

Our members knit and sew almost

all the items for the packs with

a few purchased vests added.


We rely on donations and the

enormous generosity of our

members to maintain this

community project.


The rural mothers are always very

grateful  for their gift and the

staff of Murchison Hospital are

very supportive of our continued


Any enquiries or donations can

be forwarded to Wendy Walker

on 082 78 55 062.

The picture shows Jen Phillips ( Mbango ),

Di Davidson ( Mbango ),

Angela Ford ( Mbango ),

Wendy Walker ( Margate bowling Club ), Nurse Noto Shinga, Nurse Futhi Cele and Lynette Schonewolff ( Uvongo

pink drive.jpg