Top Achievers

Doug Watson

1943 - 2005

Doug Watson was the pivotal member of the South African lawn bowls team that marched to a remarkable, wholly unexpected clean sweep in the world championships held on home soil in 1976, a feat that ranks favourably with any team achievement in the country's sporting history.


Doug was Club President in 2004 and 2005 and died in Port Shepstone on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast in November 2005, at the age of 62.


Ellen Cawker
Chris Forward

Chris  first started playing the game of bowls, at the age of sixteen and a half, in August 1972, at Deal Bowling Club in the United Kingdom.


Three years later, in 1975, Chris would win the first of the twenty-two club singles championships he has amassed throughout his career. Wins in England, Lesotho & South Africa give this record a very International feel.


 In 2005 Chris was selected to play for South Africa in Australia, and to represent his adopted country at the African States tournament in Alberton.

Two gold medals for winning the African States pairs and fours competitions, plus one for being part of the overall winning team would be the pinnacle of his bowling career.


Currently, Chris still plies the bowling greens of the South Coast and in August 2013 will mark the milestone of forty one years playing the game of Lawn Bowls.

Born in Perth, Scotland and immigrating to the then Rhodesia with her parents when she was 10, Ellen began her bowling career in Vereeniging and has travelled to many countries around the world and within Africa both as a player and manager of the South African women’s team.


Ellen won the Silver medal in the ‘Pairs’ with Jill Hackland at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002 and Gold the fours and overall at the Atlantic Rim tournament held in Cape Town in 1999.  She has also won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in African States tournaments as well as numerous District and National tournaments.

After retiring from International Bowls in 2002 Ellen was appointed Manager of the S.A. Women’s team for five years.


Ellen is a very competitive player and continues to acheive at Club, District and National levels.



Ronita Kalil
Pam Cole-Cook

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Jessica Henderson

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On a Saturday afternoon in 1973 at Hilton Bowling Club in Bloemfontein Ronita Kalil, who’d had no coaching, walked on the green with her long White dress, stockings, petticoat, hat and Brown shoes to play her first game of bowls.


At 18 years old, and petrified of the “old fogies” she just couldn’t get the Jack where her Skip stood, was shouted at, and told that “she would never be a bowler”!


She’s proved them wrong and became a bowler – and good one at that!


In her forty-one years of playing bowls in Bloemfontein and one in Johannesburg, Ronita has been playing at Margate since 1981 having achieved everything she wanted; the only exception was never achieving Springbok status.


“You can’t have it all but you can dream about it. I love the sport and now I’m “one of the fogies”